GUJTECH 2018-A Futuristic Expo

After 2 successful expos, we have planned 19th in October 2018 on a much bigger scale. The prime focus of Gujtech 2018 is inclusive development in key areas such as:

Promoting Automation and Robotics, Import-Exports, Innovation, Sustainability, Industries, Technology, Youth & Skill Development, Knowledge Sharing and Networking. Also, this Expo will be an ideal convergence for Gujarat Industries and people to showcase their strengths, highlight business opportunities,facilitate knowledge dissemination etc. It also provides an attractive opportunity to its participants to understand the potential of Gujarat in various sectors.

Besides, it provides a platform to interact with policy makers, industry leaders, and renowned academicians from all over the world. Gujtech 2018 will be one of a kind display expo having more then 15000 business visitors and excellent opportunities for expanding the overseas trade; something that has never been witnessed by people of Gujarat and its Industry. This display shall be sharing all the developments, newer projects and vision of growth.